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“Harris needs to be heard…He’s the type of artist that is going to make a
Adele Nozedar (Founder of Rhythm King Records and Previous A & R Head of
Arista UK)

Golden World Music presents the haunting second album from Lee Harris, Golden World
An ethereal mix of electronica and acoustic warmth, Golden World presents a talent in
timeless song craft. A multi-layered expression of love in many forms, of struggle and difficulties shared, and ultimately of hope.

Golden World, the second album from Lee Harris, will be released on 12th October, preceded by the release of the single Time on15th September

“Refinement, intelligence and passion” Lydia Nibley (Director, Two Spirits)

“Few voices deserve the label ethereal but Harris’ epitomizes the very concept of the word” Niall Bakewell (for ‘Music of the Future’, Belfast, Ireland)

In his 2010 release Phoenix (The Live Recordings) EP, Lee and co-producer Dan Burke chose stark, acoustic productions to record 5 songs as live takes. This new album signals an exciting new direction, with the focus now on electronica and layers of sound. Golden Worldhas been masterfully produced achieving a haunting atmosphere and arresting depth.

The production has developed but Lee’s song writing remains as open as ever, exploringa territory of deep emotion. This is an album re-imagining universal themes, born from a personal journey, and reaching out with the message encoded within

“Even with the songs where you are looking at difficulties there is a message of hope, of „keep going‟. For me the crux of the whole album is a lyric in Time : Life is dark some days but sunlight will break through” Lee Harris

Time, the first single release from the album, guarantees to be a memorable introduction for many, both to Lee Harris as an artist, and to an album - Golden World - which stands proud as a collection of exceptional songs.

Lee Harris Golden World
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