Lee Harris is an English singer songwriter who has been creating and releasing music since 1998.

"I began writing songs quite suddenly, overnight, and they poured out of me at first. As a lifelong music devotee, this was a surprise and an amazing experience to have aged 21. I love working to create music that others might enjoy, as I know how much the soundtrack of songs and music I've heard through my life has enhanced my world. It gives me a great deal to be working in and explore music."

Lee's debut album 'Shapeshifting', recorded in 2002 with producer Adam Fuest and many talented musicians, was nominated by PanArtist.com for Best Artist and Best Album and drew good reviews but little commercial airplay. Between then and 2009, Lee worked on many music projects that mostly did not get commercially released. He worked with Daniel Lundholm to create the mini album Glimmers and Silhouettes, in 2005 he collaborated with his friend Cathy Battistessa (Cafe Del Mar) on the song Bare to Bones. In 2006 he went to Ibiza to create the album Between Venus and Mars with Chris Gonzalez, which remains unreleased as an album. But the track Time Will Remember from the album was voted top song by a BBC South Radio panel, and the track Oh Good Desire was released on the Acoustic Ibiza album in 2008. 

In early 2009 Lee shifted his music focus and started writing new material. He co-created and launched the independent company Golden World Music at the same time. Golden World Music launched their catalogue in late 2009 with a remastered and repackaged version of Shapeshifting, alongside the singles Hollow and Hollow remix (a fantastic club remix produced by Jersey based Third Floor Tiger).

In June 2010, Lee and his collaborator Dan Burke released Phoenix (the live recordings). This 5 track EP features 4 original songs plus a beautiful cover version of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Phoenix is accompanied by 3 striking live-footage videos. "The album Dan and I are making was taking longer than we anticipated, so as we wanted to release something in 2010, we decided via Phoenix, to perform live and stripped versions of 4 of the songs from the new album. The cover version of Wicked Game was a happy and quick accident rehearsed and recorded within a couple hours on a day when something else wasn't working. Phoenix was a challenging project, especially getting live takes and videos at the same time. But it produced some unique results and it holds versions of the songs that are very different to how they will appear on the new album."